Indian Bosal

Indian Bosal

If you are thinking about going bitless, this just might be exactly what you're looking for!


The Indian Bosal operates a bit different from most bitless options out there. When single sided rein pressure is applied, the bosal wraps around the entire opposing side of the nose sweeping the muzzle instead of a direct pull around. Just a bit more like a halter when teaching your horse lead. Which also makes the Indian Bosal a great addition to colt training programs! Who wouldn't want an easier transition in their training process?


The 2 knot design option is comparable to a simple 2 knot over the nose rope halter. Likewise, the 4 knot design will apply the same pressures as a 4 knot rope halter.


Now you can dress it up just the way you like! Available weave options are pictured for reference.

-The Shark Jaw weave is quite textured and has a bit of a bite if needed. Enough to grab a youngster's attention when you need it most.

-The Cobra is the next step. It's stout enough to get your point across, but with a bit less texture, it's more forgiving.

-The Mermaid is as soft as it can get. The smooth even design is perfect for the very light and responsive horse. This butter soft guide could just be the answer to your horse's happiness!


The primary color selection is for the base rope color. Base rope colors are pictured for reference. You may choose up to 4 colors to combine for your weave selection. Please include your weave color preferences in the notes with your order. Let's create the look you love!