Nature's Table

Nature's Table

This amazing idea is now available with a huge discounted price.

As of right now, this table has no glass. (Sorry, CJ broke it)

But, this unfortunate slip-up is giving you the oportunity to grab it now and have the glass replaced with just the style you like...maybe tinted, maybe hombre, maybe some snowflakes etched in! The options are endless!


Check out this unique hybrid table! A removable outdoor buck and doe scene metal design in a custom fitted end table! This plasma cut out has been finished in matte black with a matte sealer. It can be removed and become a wall piece as well. Or we can always make you an additional piece to change out with the seasons!


The table itself is sturdy with a metal frame and wooden shelf. All wood has been sanded and stripped and repainted white. Want a different color? Simply strip, sand, and repaint! At this price the wood is free!


This table is only available at the discounted price for a limited time. The glass will be replaced May 1st and the original price will be reinstated. Hurry and make your custom truly one of a kind!


Table is not available for shipping at this time. Local pick up at our store location only. 

Steel Neal's Welding & Creations

1517 Superior Ave.

Tomah, WI  54660

    $145.00 Regular Price
    $85.00Sale Price